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We provide you with exciting, fun and historical tours of Sydney city and Sydney region and a river cruise on the nearby Hawkesbury River.

Walking tour and regional tours

Visit all the popular tourist destinations and secret places that not even old Sydney-siders know about. Learn about aboriginal history. Visit the oldest pubs and learn about the early English convict colony.
What do we offer that the free tour operators and other tours do not? An exciting tour personalised to your group’s interests – combining any of the things below. What else – a full 3 hours! Chantal as a local helps you to get the best out of your brief stay in Sydney – providing advice on where to eat, where to drink, what to see and how to avoid the tourist traps.

Group at Opera HouseIncredible value $A 90  per person, minimum of two people

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Sydney is a wonderful mix of new and old. Visit iconic Sydney monuments such as The Sydney Opera House precinct. Learn about the incredible effort that was required to create it. Learn about the famous architect Utzon.
Imagine Sydney without its Opera House!
Choose from old, new or stunning Sydney and get an in depth tour:
New Sydney Tour – see the Sydney Opera House (outside precinct), amazing Italian architecture, perfectly restored buildings from the 20th and late 19th century, visit some of Sydney’s best coffee shops and bars. See a model of the city of Sydney.
Old Sydney Tour – Aboriginal history including some amazing early native experiences with the first English arrivals. See many early sandstone buildings created by the first English convicts. See the 19th century Victorian buildings and learn about their history and restoration.
The Rocks Tour – see the first English settlement in Australia, see how these early Australians lived, visit the pubs that date from the 1820s, learn about rats, sewers, plagues and the tough life of the early colony.

Watsons Bay Tour – visit one of the secrets of spectacular Sydney, travel by ferry to the best part of Sydney, see its magnificent beaches, take amazing photographs of Sydney city and Sydney Harbour. See Captain Phillip’s first landing place in Sydney Harbour and learn some of the wartime history of the harbour.

Francais Tours de Sydney – visitez les vues de Sydney, Sydney jeune et vieux, les belle plages, apprennez les secrets, decouvrire l’histoire et faites vous guider dans le coeur de la cite.

River Cruise – Hawkesbury River

This is the ultimate in river cruises!! This experience will provide memories for a lifetime.  Meandering down the Hawkesbury River aboard a barbecue boat or smaller boat provides a truly Australian experience.  Don’t waste your time in a bus trip to the Blue Mountains.  Instead, explore the Hawkesbury River (only one hour from Sydney ) that remains in its natural state as a national park for everyone to enjoy; most of it is still the same as it was 228 years ago when Europeans first arrived in 1788.
• Spectacular river scenery and secluded beaches
• Optional delicious Aussie barbecue, gourmet or luxury lunch on the boat including Australian wine and beer
• Real Australian bush – you may see giant goannas, parrots, kookaburras
• Optional fishing
• Explore aboriginal sites and middens
• Professional Guide and skipper providing you with their local knowledge of aboriginal sites, flora, fauna and history

More about this tour: 

Berowra Waters view  Spectacular view of Hawkesbury River
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Or Create your own Tour – choose from any mixture of the standard tours or from a choice of many hidden Sydney secrets.

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